All I Want is... Blur (credits) Credits

Special thanks to all those who made their contributions one way or another to this site:

A giant thank you to
Cédric Dorot, one of my former students,, Anthony Huyghebaert and Yann Duez for devoting so much of their time to designing this site

Manu, my hubby, for his constant support and help

Gary Taylor, the "fantastic MP3 man",, for recording the intros and helping with the lyrics to "13"

Virginie Sabin, my closest Blurry friend and half of Two's A Crowd,, for her pix and reviews

Toby Langley, an oustanding Blur fan, and Adam Benzine, another oustanding Blur fan,, for their reviews and helping with lyrics

Special thanks to very kind
Toby Langley for collaborating on the Gorillaz interview with me

Stephen Ewahskiw, ;, for his photos and helping with lyrics

Lilian Eijkelkamp,, Ian May,, Lorraine Prince,, Tom Hannan, ; , Lisa Mantle, and Presto! for their reviews.

Also massive thanks to
Fine, , Sylvia,, Soline, , Pierre Priot,, Hélène Wang, Julie, Sandrine and Audrey for their excellent photos.

And a special thank you to
Damon Albarn, Graham Coxon, Dave Rowntree and Alex James for being such brilliant musicians and wonderful people.

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