17 October 2003, Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium

The Brussels gig was excellent too! The show started at 9:00. Virginie, Tigerlili and I stood in the front row again, just in front of Damon's mike. It's wonderful how we can see Blur twice within 2 days and not feel that we've been to the same show, even though the setlist wasn't much different!

In Brussels, the audience was more male, older and not as wild as the Parisian crowd. Damon was wearing blue jeans, a black T-shirt and a nice satiny brown jacket.

Good Song wasn't played. We got Sweet Song instead, with a disappointing guitar intro. Badhead and Blue Jeans weren't played either. But then we got even better versions than before of Caravan with Damon sitting on the floor and Alex on an amp, and of For Tomorrow with Damon singing his head off and an ever more moving Battery In Your Leg. This was followed by fantastic renditions of Trimm Trabb and On The Way To The Club. During This Is A Low Damon left the stage and, moving from the left side to the right side of the audience, climbed in turn each set of steps in the security barrier, so that at some point he sang in front of each person standing in the front row, giving each of us crazy fans the opportunity to shake or hold his hand and touch him. And he seemed to love it as much as we did! How nice! How cool!

Damon and Dave were beaming nearly the whole show. Even Alex smiled every now and then. The band was in great spirits; jokes were played. At the end of Brothers & Sisters, Dave went to the percussions but wouldn't return to the drums. Damon gave him orders through the vocoder: "Back!" - "Back!" -"Stand up!" - "Sit down!", laughing the whole time. It was very funny. When Dave finally returned to his seat, Damon knelt down on the floor and reverently bowed to him, his arms wide open like a praying Muslim.

There's only one word to describe Damon on this Think Tank tour: GIVING.


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