my Blur cassettes


Blur Unfocused, Essex University, 27/4/91
4KM-07374 (SBK Records) There's No Other Way, Explain
FOODTC 6, Leisure, August '91
Food Xmas Party 1991 TCFOOD 34 (cassette only) various artists compilation, given away free at Food's 1991 Xmas party
Resigned (demo), High cool (Easy Listening mix)
Five Alive Take Two - Melody Maker UK magazine freebie tape (MMMC2) Advert (BBC Radio 1FM Mark Goodier Show)
Car song, Indian Song, Waking Up from Elastica with Damon providing keyboards
Beetlebum (live) from Tibetan Freedom Concert
Blur live in Zurich, 8/3/96
Blur on Fun Radio, 14/2/97
Up Against It, Radio 3, 21/9/97
Blur live at Glastonbury, 6/98
Damon talking to Zoe Ball about "13", Radio 1, Feb '99
Steve Lamacq talks to Damon about Parklife, Radio 1, 22 Feb '99
Steve Lamacq interviews whole band about "13", Radio 1, 8 March '99
Damon + Alex talking to John Wilson about "13", Radio 4, Front Row, 11 March '99
Radio 1 live gig, Evening Session with Steve Lamacq, 15 March '99
Blur live at The Point Theatre, Dublin, 22/7/99
Reading Festival, 28/8/99
MIX TAPE juillet 2003 mixé par DJ Robert Alves et Nicolas Dubosc
Parlophone/Delabel French promo tape
A side : Partytime
01. Itw Damon Albarn (extrait du DVD No Distance Left To Run)
02. Tomorrow Comes Today
03. Death Of A Party
04. Ambulance
05. Badhead
06. Coffee and TV
07. Far Out (extrait du DVD No Distance Left To Run)
08. Beetlebum
09. For Tomorrow
10. There's No Other Way
11. I Know
12. Jubilee
13. Popscene
B side : Hangover
01. 101 Reykjavik Theme + Itw Damon Albarn (extrait du DVD No Distance Left To Run)
02. No distance Left To Run
03. On The Way To The Club
04. Sunset Coming On
05. Trimm Trabb
06. Out Of Time
07. Pressure On Julian
08. Sing
09. The Universal
10. To The End
11. Outro : End Of A Century + Itw Damon Albarn (extrait du DVD No Distance Left To Run)
Damon Albarn Democrazy
Side A: I Need A Gun, Reedz, Half A Song, Five Star Life
Side B: A Rappy Song, Back To Mali, I Miss You, Hymn To Moon
Side C: Dezert, Sub Species Of An American Day, America Welfare Poem
Side D: Saz Theory Book, Gotta Get Down With The Passing Of Time, End Of Democrazy

It was personally assembled by Damon to look like a young band's first demo tape - a scratched-off C60 tape, marker pen on the cassette itself, gold pen on the plastic case with DEMOCRAZY hand-written in gold, a track listing on the front and an Honest Jon's hand stamp on the back.
(only 50 made)