Maryse Laloux




- married
- 2 children

- grew up cherishing The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan
- studied English at the University of Lille, France
- started teaching English in secondary school in 1979

- listening to music and watching concerts & promo videos, more particularly Blur but also
Damon Albarn
The Good, The Bad & The Queen
Graham Coxon
The Servant
Sonic Youth
The Dandy Warhols
I Am Kloot
Mercury Rev
Depeche Mode
The Last Shadow Puppets
Peter Doherty
Devendra Banhart
Miles Kane
Asaf Avidan
the good old Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, & Johnny Cash
French artists: Bashung, Jean-Louis Murat, & Woodkid
- reading books, magazines and anything related to Blur, music, movies, arts, and the English language
- traveling, staying with people abroad

Fav Blur LPs:
Think Tank
The Ballad of Darren
Modern Life is Rubbish

Fav Blur songs:
Swamp Song
Theme From Retro
Me White Noise
Trimm Trabb
Essex Dogs
Sing (to me)
Battery In Your Leg
On The Way To The Club
There Are Too Many Of Us
My Terracotta Heart
The Ballad
So You
Death Of A Party
No Distance Left To Run
Sweet Song
Good Song
Out Of Time
Song 2
Sticks And Stones

What I like:
cinema: in particular, Xavier Dolan, Woody Allen and Clint Eastwood as actors and film directors, and also Gérard Depardieu
cats, to be warm, walking

What I hate:
driving, being cold


Two's A Crowd!
Blur fans... a happy bunch!
me, me, me
sweet daughter, son & hubby... ain't I lucky ?

The pics cannot be used elsewhere without permission. Thank you.

I got into Blur in 1996 only. Until then, I had focussed my interests on American culture, that is American movies, American music, the American language... so as to keep my American English consistent... (remember, I'm an English teacher). In the mid-'90s, I started getting fed up with most of the American music I was hearing (dance, rap, ...) and began getting interested in those 2 English bands the media kept telling us about but which I had never really paid attention to. So I decided I should listen to their albums and borrowed them from one of my students. I listened to The Great Escape and also to Definitely Maybe within a couple of days. I clicked with Blur right away and was astounded by the diversity of their material. Though I liked the way most of the early Oasis tracks rocked, I was charmed by Blur's romantic tunes, amused by their poppy melodies, stunned by their punk-rock songs, attracted by Graham's guitar noises and thrilled by Damon's voice. Then I thought: 'I wonder what these guys look like!', had a look at the back of The Great Escape CD, saw the 4 boys and thought: 'Naa... That can't be them! They can't be that ugly!' The following week, I was lent Showtime and I discovered the band live ... and their lovely faces! I found Blur great to watch on stage and Damon very nice and close to his audience. My attraction to Blur was growing! Very soon I listened to Live At The Budokan, Parklife, Modern Life Is Rubbish and Leisure and started really regretting that I hadn't got to know this band from the start of their career! Gee! What a shame! I started buying their albums and singles like mad to make up for lost time and spent hours visiting the Blur-related websites.
In early 1997 blur was released and I liked it even more than the previous material. In April that year I went to my first Blur gig and was so stunned by Blur's performance that I decided to join the Blur Fan Club right away. That band was really tooooooo good! Since that time Blur have become a passion to the point that I can't spend more than a couple of days without listening to their music, reading something about them or watching one of my Blur videos. I love that band SO much... it's almost insane!
Oddly enough I fell in love with Blur's songs listening to TGE but today TGE is the album I like least. My favorite ones are 13, Think Tank, blur & Modern Life is Rubbish. I love listening to & watching the new and old 'Blur'. That's why I regret I didn't pay more attention to them when I first saw them on TV. I remember seeing the She's So High promo video in 1990-91 and liking it but I just wasn't interested in English bands at the time! I would have loved to see them live in the early 90s.
Needless to say that thanks to Blur I started going to Britain again - I love London - but my accent sounds quite bastardized now!!!!!

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I'd be happy to receive your comments or suggestions. Thank you.