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carte de voeux Gorillaz

hors-série 56, hiver

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Start Up
Dan The Automator ; Graham Coxon - Crow Sit On Blood Tree

January 8
Gorillaz Plan Animated North American Tour
9 January
Questions of Lovage
January 13
14 January
Gorillaz storm the Brits
15 January
Questions of Lovage part two
January 16
Gorillaz Polish 'G-Sides'
17 January
Oasis/Blur head-to-head denied

GorillazFans e-mail
Gorillaz webchat on channel 4
18 January
Gorillaz and Static 2358 announce interactive television deal
18 January
January 24

bon de précommande n°548
25 janvier
Marianne Faithfull - Kissin Time

BFC e-mail
January 25
Mali Music: Damon Albarn & Afel Bocoum
30 January
Blur tune heads for Mars
30 January
Parklife on Mars!
1 February
Damon's world party!

EMI - bon de réservation n°034
4 février
Gorillaz - "Tomorrow Comes Today" nouveau maxi

EMI - bon de réservation n°035
4 février
Gorillaz - G-SIDES
February 7
It's Monkeys, Gorillaz, And Blue MeFor Automator
7 February
Worthy Contenders!

PFM 99.9
15 février
Spéciale 'Gorillaz' (script de l'entretien)
18 February
Super Noodles!
19 February
Gorillaz interactive
20 February
Questions of Lovage part three
21 February
Gorillaz - 'Tomorrow Comes Today' (Parlophone)
22 February
Gorillaz (1) : Tomorrow Comes Today
February 25
Gorillaz Bust A Move On New Album, Movie
26 February
Gorillaz On Film
February 26
Gorillaz Are Game For Interactive TV
February 26
Gorillaz "Completely Manufactured"

Les Inrockuptibles
n°327, 26/2-4/3
in bed with Marianne
27 February
Gorillaz Get Down To US Monkey Business
28 February
exclusive - hear full audiocast of Gorillaz? live London show

n°59, mars
Marianne Faithfull - Baisers volés ; Kissin' Time ; Gorillaz - G-Sides ; G-Sides ad ; Gorillaz & Blur news

50 foot Queenie - Marianne Faithfull - Kissin Time ; cover

Start Up
mars 2002
Marianne Faithfull - Kissin Time

issue N°2
Simian Conspiracy! ; Gorillaz - G-Sides ; Dan The Automator - Wanna Buy A Monkey?
1 March
1 March
Marianne Faithfull interview

EMI - bon d'opération n°656
4 mars

Les Inrockuptibles
n°328, 5-11 mars
fun boy three - Gorillaz - G-Sides ; Mali mon ami
6 March
Unfinished Monkey Business

Time Out
March 6-13
Smoke without ire (cover)

Gorillazetc e-mail
March 8
Paramount, Seattle - 5 March 02 (reviewed by Jemiah)

bon de précommande n°A46
11 mars
This is Where I Belong - The Songs of Ray Davies & The Kinks

EMI - bon de réservation n°072
11 mars
Damon Albarn et les musiciens maliens - Mali Music
March 12
Gorillaz To Return To Cage After Releasing Dub Disc
13 March
Blur's new single 'Bomb'shell
13 March
Damon Drops a Bomb
13 March
Gorillaz in Dub
13 March
Gorillaz - 'G-Sides' (Parlophone)
15 March
Gorillaz (1) : G-Sides
15 mars
Dan The Automator passé derrière les platines Damon Albarn in Mali Mali Music Mali Music, profile - Toumani Diabaté Mali Music, profile - Lobi Traoré Mali Music, profile - Ko Kan Ko Sata Doumbia Mali Music, interview - Damon Albarn Mali Music, interview - Toumani Diabaté Mali Music, interview - Afel Bocoum Honest Jon's

The Sunday Times Culture Magazine
March 17
Out of Africa

Channel 4 Teletext p. 453
20 March
Interview with Damon about Mali Music
21 March
Some Distance Left To Run!

The Guardian
25 March
Gorillaz in their midst
27 March
Afel Bocoum & Damon Albarn present Mali Music - Barbican, London

Barbican programme
26 March
Mali Music: Afel Bocoum & Damon Albarn with special guest Toumani Diabate

BFC e-mail
March 27
Mali Music - Barbican, London reviewed by David Grain
27 March
Gorillaz out from the midst

The Guardian
March 28
Mali Music, Barbican, London

The Times
March 28
African pop fusion blurs all boundaries

BFC e-mail
March 29
Mali Music - Barbican, London reviewed by Lot105: Ian May

La Repubblica
31 Marzo
Gorillaz emigra in Africa

Corriere della Sera
31 Marzo
Rock, in arrivo un'ondata etnica

n°43, avril
Les tribulations d'un Anglais au Mali - Electric Bamako ; The Automator, El Productor ! ; pub pour Mali Music

April 2002
The Comic Strip Presents...

April 2002
How to buy... ; review of Mali Music ; ad for Mali Music ; ad for Kissin' Time

April 2002
As years go by ; ad for This Is Where I Belong ; ad for Kissin' Time ; There's a Griot goin' on

April 2002
Shrine to the song

n°59, avril
Marianne Faithfull - Kissin' Time ; Gorillaz - G-Sides ; 101Reykjavik

Press release
April 2002
Home Cooking - Tony Allen
Info Virgin
avril 2002
Tony Allen - Home Cooking, nouvel album

Info EMI France
1 avril
Mali Music

BFC e-mail
April 2
About Damon by Maryse (Two's A Crowd)

4 avril 2002
L'électro métissée de Damon Albarn

6 April 2002
Missionary of Sound
9 April 2002
Afel Bocoum, Damon Albarn & Friends : Mali Music
10 April

Bocoum, Albarn, Diabaté and Friends - Mali Music (Honest Jon's Records)

The Rolling Stone
April 11
Blur's "Radical" Return
12 April
Heaven in a Can

Honest Jon's Records
14-16 April
15 April
Dan The Automator

Les Inrockuptibles
n°334, 17-23 avril
briton fûté ; version dub ; ads for Mali Music + Wanna Buy A Monkey?
19 April
Fatter Than Ever
23 April
Cox-On Decks
23 April
Meltdown announced!
24 April
Albarn pics sold to raise cash for charity

Les Inrockuptibles
n°335, 24-30 avril
singe savant

25 avril
Dan The Automator - Wanna Buy A Monkey?

BFC e-mail
April 26
Mali Music reviewed by Maryse (Two's A Crowd)
April 30
Here We Go! Gorillaz Takes Music By Storm

Dan The Automator - Wanna Buy A Monkey? ; a game of 3 Lions

MaliHigh ; ad for Mali Music

Jeunes à Lille
n°115, mai
Malien, ce Damon !

mai 2002
Damon Albarn

HMV Choice
Out of Africa ; Afel Bocoum, Damon Albarn, Toumani Diabaté and Friends - Mali Music (cover)
May 2
Albarn Goes to Africa

#9, 4 mei
Afel Bocoum, Damon Albarn, Toumani Diabaté & Friends - Mali Music
May 20
Space Monkeyz, Gorillaz Go Ape on Remix Disc
23 May
Free Damon Albarn!

EMI - bon de réservation n°154
27 mai
Space Monkeyz Vs Gorillaz - Laika Come Home

Gorillazetc e-mail
27 May
Space Monkeyz Vs Gorillaz - Laika Come Home reviewed by Hugo

BFC e-mail
28 May
Afel Bocoum, Damon Albarn and Friends at Tower Records, London, UK reviewed by Maryse (Two's A Crowd)

Damon Albarn, Afel Bocoum, Toumani Diabaté & Friends - Mali Music

Gorillaz - G-sides

n°61, juin
Afel Bocoum, Damon Albarn, Toumani Diabaté and Friends - Mali Music

n° 228, June
melodicas at dawn (cover)

EMI - bon d'op n°622
6 juin 2002
Mali Music
15 June
Parklife / Blur
18 June
Space Monkeyz Vs Gorillaz (1) - Laika Come Home
20 June
Tune in to Gorillaz dub radio on now
25 June
There's the dub!

27 juin
radio Gorillaz v Space Monkeyz

EMI - bon d'op n°628
1 juillet
Gorillaz - campagne Mid Price
2 July
A Blur of Creativity

Les Inrockuptibles
n°346, 10-16 juillet
Griots & Boys
19 July
Spacemonkeyz vs Gorillaz (1) : Lil' Dub Chefin'
22 July
Hear DJ set from Gorillaz pals Space Monkeyz tonight at 8 PM!

23 July
translation by Hugo of an article written by Gonçalo Palma
31 July
Blur get N*E*R*D
31 July
it's all a Blur!

high life
"I'd give up Blur to play like the Cubans" (cover)

Gorillazetc e-mail
4 August
Gorillaz live in the 'isle of MTV' Party in Lisbon, Portugal 20.07.02
15 August
Alex's diary (part1)
20 August
war on war!
21 August
Alex's diary (part2)
21 August
Chemical World?
22 August
pop screen!
28 August
Alex's diary (part3)
28 August
Blur take Marrakech Express!
29 August
furious Coxon quits Blur over 'cocky Albarn'
29 August
'I'm leaving Blur'
September 2
Blur Guitarist Renames Solo Album
4 September
The Great Escape?
5 September
Alex's diary
6 September
Coxon's Position Tender
7 September
Coxon Future To Be Decided

9 September
No War On Iraq
11 September
Song Thru?
12 September
Rowntree Downs Sticks
12 September
Alex's diary
13 September
Plane Speaking

14 September
Coxon's Gone ;Blur: what's next? ; You Cock! ; Massive Attack star blasts war apathy ; No War On Iraq ad

Capitol - bon de réservation n° 239
16 septembre
Graham Coxon - The Kiss Of Morning
18 September
Oasis back Coxon
18 September
Damon wants peace
19 September
Alex's diary
19 September
Song who?
19 September
You Cox!
20 September
Plane Speaking
25 September
War of words
27 September
Alex's diary

The Wire
issue 224, October
Invisible Jukebox - Tony Allen

# 28, octobre
Blur dans le flou artistique

octobre 2002
4 October
Dark Life
October 4
Blur Guitarist Graham Coxon Quits
October 4
Coxon: "I was an a***hole"
8 October
Monkey Business
11 October
Alex's diary
13 October
He's on the phone

Capitol - bon de réservation n° 297
14 octobre
Gorillaz - Phase One : Celebrity Take Down

EMI "The Kiss Of Morning" track by track
15 October
You Coxon!
16 October
'Kiss Of Morning' - Graham Coxon

Les Inrockuptibles
n°360, 16-22 octobre
Gorillaz en DVD ; Massive Peace

17 octobre
Graham Coxon - Escape Song
21 October
Blur in complete control
23 October
Graham Coxon : The Kiss Of Morning
23 October
Alex's diary ( Big Issue 511)

Les Inrockuptibles
n°361, 23-29 octobre
Blur cherche guitariste
25 October
Alex's diary

31 October

31 octobre
Graham Coxon, un homme libre


The Great Escape ; Graham Coxon : The Kiss Of Morning ; Damon Albarn
8 Nov 2002
Britpop lives forever
12 November
Damon on the attack!
12 November
Alex's diary
12 November
Live Forever
13 November
Britpop lives forever
13 November
X-clusive: Hear The New Blur Single on Xfm
14 Nov 2002
Blur drop the bomb!

14 November
15 November
Massive Attack : L'album: 100th Window
19 November
Alex's diary
20 November
Blur get cock-y!

Les Inrockuptibles
n°365, 20-26 novembre
Massive Albarn
28 November
Alex's diary
28 November
Hirst art heads to Mars

30 November
It's an NME weird rock news special! ; Don't Bomb When You Are The Bomb

Graham Coxon ; Graham Coxon - "Kiss Of The Morning" ; Blur
2 December
private resolution
4 December
Damon Albarn on The Evening Session
5 December
Blur 'bomb' terror!
10 December
Alex's diary #15

The Guardian
December 13
You heard it here first

The Observer
December 15
It was all a blur' Alex's diary