Blur articles Jan-June 2003

ARTICLES published in 2003


Damon interview

Rock&Folk janvier Gorillaz "Phase One : Celebrity Take Down" ; Blur ; Massive Attack 10 January Alex's diary #16 13 January Friends reunited!

Time January 13 Rush hour on Mars 14 January Massive campaign continues! 20 January Alex's diary #17 21 January Stars join anti-war protest 21 January Anti-war protest outside Parliament

Libé 21 janvier la brit-pop contre la guerre

Daily Mirror January 22 2003, campaign to stop war in Iraq 22 Jan Britpop film trailer

The Sunday Times January 26 What happened to protest songs? 28 Jan 2003 Britpop lives forever 29 January Alex's diary #18 29 January Northern Star for Blur?

Les Inrockuptibles n°374, 29 janvier - 4 février le journal de Massive Attack

PRESTO! n°67, février

Blur - Don't Bomb When You Are The Bomb ; Tony Allen -HomeCooking ; Graham Coxon - The Kiss Of Morning ; Gorillaz - Gorillaz Phase One : Celebrity Take Down (all reviewed by Maryse Laloux)

février 2003
Tony Allen

NME 1 February Stars join anti-war lobby ; New Blur man mystery deepens

Daily Mirror February 1 Words of mass destruction 3 February Alex's diary #19

BFC e-mail 3 February Massive Attack - 100th Window (reviewed by Adam)

Delabel - bon de précommande n°5136 4 février Massive Attack - 100th Window 6 February Behind The Scenes At X: Blur Album Special 9 February Damon interview 10 February Tong joins Blur 10 February Blur Reveal New Guitarist At Surprise Gig 12 Feb Through The Blur

10 February Live Forever

Evening Standard 13 February Stars' anti-war message may boost rally turnout 14 Feb Blur are back!

The Independent on Sunday 16 February Millions march for peace ; listening, Prime Minister?

The Mail on Sunday February 16 People of Britain vote for peace

The Sunday Times February 16 Stars turn out for that Vietnam experience

Daily Mirror February 17 March was just a Blur 19 February Coxon Surprised by Blur's Verve! 20 February Blur in 'Think Tank'

25 Feb four your (p)leisure 25 February Alex's diary #20 25 February Blur: Back with new album, single and live dates 26 February Damon Albarn - new Blur album is about 'love and politics' March 2003 Blur are watching you...

NME 1 March 'Difficult' new Blur LP track-by-track ; Blur ad

The Guardian March 1 Blurred vision

BFC e-mail 3 March 'Out Of Time' (Maryse) 4 March What do you think of the new Blur single? Let us know! 5 March Blur: A Biography

BFC e-mail 7 March MTV gig reviewed by Matt

BFC e-mail 8 March MTV gig reviewed by Ian May March 10 Blur's return... 10 March He thought of wars

BFC e-mail March 10 'Out Of Time' promo video (Maryse)

Les Inrockuptibles n°380, 12-18 mars CD Objectif 2003 vol.2 (Blur - Good Song) 13 March Alex's diary #21 14 Mar This is a Blow!

BFC e-mail March 15 'Good Song', so good! (Maryse) 16 March Blur

March 16 Blur - Bowery Ballroom, New York 17 Mar Blur - 'Think Tank'

UNCUT March Blur - 'Think Tank'

Les Inrockuptibles n°381, 19-25 mars Blur - 'Think Tank'

BFC e-mail 20 March Music Planet Tonight show (Gabrielle)

BFC e-mail 21 March Blur (Martin BFC)

Les 21 mars nouveau clip anti-guerre signé Blur March 24 Blur: Out Of Time 24 March Blur bank on Banksy!

bon de précommande n°5298 - Capitol Music 24 mar Blur - Out Of Time

27 March Blur hit back at BPI

Daily Star March 29 Shoulders to cry on?

Daily Mirror March 29 2003, Damon Albarn 29 March Blur - London television studios

BFC e-mail 30 March The CDUK gig (reviewed by Paul Drinkwater) 31 March 2003, Blur - 'Think Tank'

Compact #33, avril Blur - Think different ; Blur - 'Think Tank' ; 'Out Of Time'

MOJO April 2003 Last Orders ; Graham Coxon (cover)

Rolling Stone avril 2003 Blur - Tank il y aura des hommes
The Zone issue 7, April/May CD of the month: Blur - Think Tank 1 Apr Euro Stars! 2 Apr Blur expand Think Tank 4 Apr

Coxon sinks 'Tank'

Les 7 avril Blur en visite à Paris

bon de précommande n°5367 - Delabel (tank-shaped) 7 avril Blur - Think Tank

bon de précommande n°5367 - Delabel 7 avril Blur - Think Tank

précommande spéciale n°5372 - Delabel 7 avril Blur - Think Tank

April Blur Bonus Quotes 9 April Blur to play 'secret' show in Madrid

invitation 9 avril invitation au showcase privé de Blur April Blur: Paris L'Espace Clacquesin

e-mail April 9 concert privé du 9 avril 9 avril concert Privé de Blur

e-mail 10 avril lettre à Virginie - concert privé (Maryse) 10 avril concert de Blur (Maryse) 10 avril concert de Blur (gsail)

BFC e-mail 10 April Blur at Malakoff (Maryse)

BFC e-mail 10 April Blur at Malakoff (Gabrielle) 10 avril concert de Blur (Charlie) 10 avril Blur : ce qui vous attend sur scène !

Paris L'Espace Clacquesin setlist

10 April Madrid setlist and pictures

11 April 'Out Of Time' out Monday

The Guardian 12 April Love and poison

NME 12 April Blur - Out Of Time

April Blur - Out Of Time April Blur - Out Of Time

The Big Issue April 14-20 Don’t Ban The Bomb

TimeOut April 16-23 'It's the first Blur album with hips' ; Out Of Time ad (cover)

Les Inrockuptibles n°385, 16-22 avril Blur à Malakoff, le 9 avril

BFC e-mail 17 April "Friday Night With Jonathan Ross", BBC1 (reviewed by Simon)

BFC e-mail 17 April "Friday Night With Jonathan Ross", BBC1 (reviewed by SusanT4196) 17 April Blur Live on Jo Whiley

the times magazine 19 April Long Player (cover)

BFC e-mail 19 April Graham show at The Royal Festival Halll (reviewed by Simon)

BLITZ 22-28 de Abril Pop com pedaços (cover) 23 April Blur love pirates April 24 Blur Reinvent Themselves With Fatboy Slim, go'Crazy' On New Record

The Guardian Review April 25 This Dysfunctional Family (cover)

BFC e-mail April 26 The Coachella Festival (reviewed by Roxanne + Danny)

April 26 2003 Coachella Music and Arts, Day 1
The Observer 27 April Lies and the Left 29 April Blur - Think Tank

May 2003 Blur - Think Tank

Leeds Student Paper May 2003 Blur - Think Tank

May 2003 Blur - Think Tank

fnacmag mai 2003 Blur - Think Tank

mai 2003 Blur - Think Tank

word May 2003 How To Make Your Masterpiece Blur - Think Tank (cover)

Recording Musicien n°21, mai blur - "Travailler sans guitare nous a beaucoup excités" ; Blur - Think Tank (cover)

Magic n°71, mai blur, pour coxon le glas ; Blur - Think Tank ; Think Tank ad (cover)

RifRaf nr.145, mei Blur (cover)

epok n°36, mai Blur sort du desert

rí-rá May 2003 Coxon Off

Trax #63, mai Blur - Think Tank ; Think Tank ad

phosphore mai 2003 Blur - La Métamorphose

Bang #2, May Blur - Think Tank

FHM mai 2003 Blur - Think Tank

Jeunes à Lille n°125, mai Blur - Think Tank

Music Minded mei 2003 Think Tank ad ; Blur - Think Tank

Rock&Folk mai 2003 Blur - "Il faut se débarrasser de Robbie Williams" ; Blur - Think Tank ; Think Tank ad ; Fatboy Slim ; Blur

May 2003 Blur - Think Tank

Evening Standard 1 May How Blur and Damon grew out of Britpop May 2 Blur - Think Tank

The Independent 2 May Blur - Think Tank

2 May Blur - Think Tank

Delabel Press kit (tank-shaped) Blur2003 bio, disque à disque

Daily Mirror May 3 Dawn of a new Damon

The Guide May 3-9 Blur - London

The Observer 4 May New Blur, same old Albarn

The People May 4 Damon Blur-ts out the truth

The Mail on Sunday May 4 Happy to blur old with new

The Observer May 4 New Blur, same old Albarn

The Big Issue May 5-11 Blur find a focus

May 6 Blur - Think Tank

commande spéciale n°1266 - Delabel 6 mai discographie à prix spécial !!

Think Tank card

Télérama n°2782, 7 mai Blur - Think Tank

7 May Think piece has depth

Les Inrockuptibles n°388, 7-13 mai Blur d'été ; Blur ad

May 8 Woo hoo! Blur's back 8 May Astoria gig, May 8th review

Evening Standard 9 May Damon and Co fill the gap and Blur the edges 9 May London loves Blur!

The Independent 9 May Not just pension life - Blur are back for a reason

9 May Blur make a noisy return

The Guardian May 10 Blur are alive and kicking

The Times May 10 Pop - Blur Astoria

Le Figaro Magazine 10 mai Blur, retour de flemme

Astoria 10 May setlist

Libération 10-11 mai Blur bluffant

The Observer 11 May Night of the Damon

M Celebs May 11 Damon Albarn - All a blur

Time May 12 Blur in Focus

Astoria 12 May setlist & pix

BFC e-mail 13 May Astoria 12 May reviewed by Sahah Wall, Kate & Simon

Astoria 13 May setlist & pix

BFC e-mail 14 May Astoria 13 May reviewed by Simon

May 15 Blur - Think Tank

NME 17 May

The thoughts of Chairman Albarn ; Tanked up! ; Is Graham back in Blur? ; Carling Weekend ad ; wwwhat's on... (cover)

BFC e-mail 17 May Astoria gigs reviewed by 105:Ian May

Le Monde 18-19 mai Entre pitreries et maturité, Blur dément sur scène la mort de la britpop

Libération 19 mai Les territoires de Blur

France Soir 19 mai L'argent du Blur

Aujourd'hui en France 19 mai Blur surprend encore

signed Paris Bataclan 19 May setlist 20 May 'Crazy' move!

BFC e-mail 23 May Paris gig reviewed by Rachel Grubb

BFC e-mail 24 May Paris gig reviewed by Virginie Sabin

Uncut June Magnificent seventh ; Think Tank ad

Newcomer #36, juin Blur

PRESTO! juin 2003 Blur - Think Tank (reviewed by Maryse Laloux)

Evening Standard 2 June The dads who won't grow up

June 4 Blur Get Life on Mars 12 June 'Beat' bonuses!

Les clés de l'actualité #535, 12-18 juin Mars à portée de robots

Vocable 12-25 juin Damon Albarn plans to record in Baghdad

Les 18 juin Blur sur la planète Mars June 19 Brit-pop's Blur back on track

BFC e-mail 20 June Portland, Oregon (reviewed by Jem)